Author: timsum100

Flip Desk

The Flip Desk derives its name from the simple mechanism that allows the workspace to be folder away quickly and effortlessly. The folding workspace was designed in response to the growing number of home workers and the reduced space of modern urban living. Made from […]

Bevel Desk Light

The Bevel Task Lamp is inspired by the carpenters sliding bevel. The LED arm is attached to the metal body with the use of magnets, allowing the arm to be fully adjustable without any fixings. like the carpenters sliding bevel, when not in use the […]

Suber Containers

The Suber Collection is the result of an investigative project into the process of laminating and forming materials. I was interested in exploring methods of creating formed objects without the use of complex and expensive machinery. I developed a process of inflating car tyre inner […]

Regularly Irregular

The Regularly Irregular vessels form part of a collection of ceramic objects that also include lamp shades and bowls. The project focussed on achieving unique results using standardised methods of production. Traditionally the slip casting process uses plaster moulds to produce large quantities of identical […]

Breccia Nesting tables

The term ‘breccia’ describes a type of sedimentary rock composed of large angular fragments cemented together with a fine grained matrix. The Breccia Nesting tables are inspired by the interaction between the irregular shapes found in these rocks and the natural order that occurs when […]

Wobbly Peyote

Wobbly Peyote is a simple, tactile slot together game of balance and skill. The prickly pear is placed on top and players take it in turns to add cactus ears, taking care not to overbalance the toy and topple the fruit. Designed as much for […]

Norse Star

Based on a Nordic knitting pattern the Norse Star tea light holders can be used individually or as part of a modular system to create beautiful table centre pieces. The individual units simply slot together without the need for any glue or fixings. The tea […]

Cord Bedside Tables

The Cord Bedside Tables are the result of a private commission to design and make a pair of bedside cabinets. Made from solid walnut and Ash, the tables feature a flexible shelf made from elasticated cord, providing just enough space to store a book or […]